Sonic RPG Episode 8-Seelkadoom Boss Battle-"No Magic Tricks" Challenge -  

Sonic RPG Episode 8-Seelkadoom Boss Battle-"No Magic Tricks" Challenge

Quelle: Youtube: zum Video.

Quelle: YouTube

Sonic RPG Episode 8-Seelkadoom Boss Battle-'No Magic Tricks' Challenge

Sonic RPG Episode 8-Seelkadoom Boss Battle-"No Magic Tricks" Challenge

  1. suicune21 let's play: can i have the battle music link please ?
  2. gamemasterseven: @Power26Twister MidNightMaren hasn't released it yet.
  3. Patrick Ryan Joseph: I really know that i can do it!!!
  4. Kyle Ng: what about royal shield?
  5. gamemasterseven: @pitchblackdarkness97 Yep. No hacks were used. It just took some strategy
    and a tiny bit of luck.
  6. kira's killer queen: wut is the music
  7. pitchblackdarkness97: I did this on a hack one time and I won. But you did this with no hack?
  8. Pidrew666: this wud be hard for me cos myf irst moves are skills usally
  9. gamemasterseven: @sonicfan346 I kind of did a challenge for that already. Search for the
    Ultimate "I Could Go Super Sonic" Challenge and the Ultimate "All Hail
    Shadow" Challenge. In each of these challenges, I killed off the character
    that the challenge wasn't named after, and I attacked and defeated
    Seelkadoom with the character that the challenge was named after.
  10. Kl Ng: the pattern is: light speed, absorb SP, beams of light, absorb SP, SUPER!!
  11. pitchblackdarkness97: @777gamemaster777 I'd always have a hard time defeating Seelkadoom in this
    game. I'd always use the skills Sonic and Shadow had, and then I'd lose.
    But then my strategies are to attack. Another strategy is to use healing
    spells if Sonic or Shadow were low on Hit Points. When the time was right,
    I'd use the overlimit. This would jump either Sonic or Shadow's turn.
    Finally, when Seelkadoom was low on Hit Points, I'd use Shadow's Chaos
    Control to end the battle and defeat Seelkadoom.
  12. jadenrobin: lol I defeat seelkadoom! With (chaos control super sonic wind chaos spear
    overlimit chaos blast royal shield heal asorb) And that's it!!!!!!!!
  13. gamemasterseven: @jadenrobin Good job.
  14. yuotube486: i did that to
  15. gamemasterseven: First off, you cannot hack a flash game. I don't know how to hack
    video/flash games, and I wouldn't try to even if I did know how to do so.
    Besides, hacking takes most of, if not all of, the fun out of the game.
    Second, there are NO cheats for Sonic RPG Episode 8. If you played this
    flash game for yourself, you would have known that already. Lastly, if I
    can do something that you can't do, it just means that I'm more skilled at
    it than you are. Just keep practicing and you'll get better!
  16. TheRandomBox011: thanks.
  17. Damian jona: with site is this
  18. raymart pascua: whats the music of seelkadoom theme i beat him 5x
  19. gamemasterseven: @SwampHeatRG I could've used that too. I just didn't use it because that
    move costs a lot of MP for just 1 turn. However, looking at my video now,
    the challenge can probably still be completed if "Royal Shield" is only
    used once.
  20. thomasbr108: @isachris11 newgrounds man
  21. Anime Rush: does exist the eps 9?
  22. gamemasterseven: Thanks for the compliment.
  23. stickperson5: i will subscibe for the sprite list for sonic movents or just tell me how
    to get them or where
  24. gamemasterseven: @redeyes1ful Yeah, I know. That's why I named it the "No Magic Tricks"
    Challenge instead of the "No Magic" Challenge, since healing is considered
    to be magic. You know how performers at magic shows go through a series of
    steps before they eventually finish their act? As you probably know, people
    often call a magician's act a magic trick. So, since the moves listed under
    the "Skill" command are kind of executed in that same style, I decided to
    use that term in the video's title.
  25. Shadowcynder1830: @SilentProtagonist17 The song is "Welcome to Darkness" from Chaos Legion

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In this challenge, I had to defeat Seelkadoom without using Super Sonic or Super Shadow's "Skill" command. Credit goes to MidNightMaren for making the Sonic RPG series. EDIT 8/26/12: Over 50,000 views! If you want to attempt this challenge, send me a video response showing you completing it, and I'll post your name in the description. Oh, and if you decide to post this as more than just a video response, give me credit for the idea BEFORE you do so. Here are the rules: 1. You cannot use the "Skill" command. 2. You cannot use "Sacrificer." Challenge Victories: Interesting Fact 1: This video has the second highest view count out of all of my videos on Youtube as of September 2012. Before early 2010, this video was competing with another Sonic RPG video for the highest view count. It had the highest view count after early 2010 and it wasn't until September 2012 that it dropped to second place. Interesting Fact 2: This video is my first video of a flash game on Youtube where the video quality is really good and the battle text is 100% legible. Interesting Fact 3: This is the first "Hidden Challenge" that I came up with for Sonic RPG Episode 8. Interesting Fact 4: While many people find this challenge to be difficult to accomplish, I actually found it to be somewhat easy. It's not me trying to brag or anything. It's just that that's how I play RPGs. I use "Attack" most of the time and I only use MP/SP (and items, in the case of other RPGs,) when it's absolutely necessary.