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Minecraft: How to install ModLoader and Audiomod (1.6.2)

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Minecraft: How to install ModLoader and Audiomod (1.6.2)

Minecraft: How to install ModLoader and Audiomod (1.6.2)

  1. Kritiker2000: One Problem I havent this class file in the audio mod!
  2. Papei: @funkmonkie thanks please leave a comment of ideas to new vids :)
  3. alpacapocalypse: actually... still cant find it.
  4. Sean Napier: what is this song called?
  5. Mita Petculescu: STILL NO FAIRY BUT AFTER 1 MIN SEARCHING i saw a cobblestone and massy
    cobblestone wall i break a cobblestone block with the hand and i
    see:DUENGON!!!!!!a mob spawner!!!he was spawning
    spiders!dificulty:peacefull no spider spawned
  6. Papei: @KilleroyCZ spawn list is do not exist anymore unless your on a older
    version then its just a modfile that makes that u can install mods that
    needs it
  7. LOQSHA1: wtf it wont let me drag anything in minecraft.jar
  8. MOS0317: song?
  9. Papei: @Revenantdragon No problem :)
  10. Hank Hill: you are norwegian
  11. Andrew Patterson: my just go black when i log in to minecraft.. help
  12. Papei: @feffontes wich version its on the forum and wich version u dowload. So iam
    not changing it.
  13. Papei: @Bailey25588 U can try if u want i am not sure :3
  14. Andrew Patterson: Ive updated to 4.01 or something. Dont work and i remember to delete the
  15. Papei: @ToastTheSecretAgent do u close minecraft while doing it?
  16. Papei: @fanman320 its not an actully mod, its just the part that makes its
    posseble to install other mods.
  17. Papei: @feffontes so? It still works with 1.6.6 you do the same thing as i dus in
    the video. Nothing is changed its only updated. So stop trolling and GTFO
  18. nat race: @MinecraftMos well dont lebel it something that it isnt jackass
  19. Papei: wtf how old are you ? learn to write english correct. Nooooooowwwwww!!!!!
  20. Papei: @feffontes Its for 1.6.6 ... U stuipid?
  21. Papei: @TheGotamama when u have installed it u can install mods that dont work if
    u dont have it ! ^^
  22. Papei: @363moose The name is changed use the other class file it still works
  23. feffontes: good tut FOR 1.3
  24. Papei: @Bardock203 Minecraft just got updated to beta 1.4 so dont think that i can
    do a video right now
  25. CommanderBly97: @hyperundead 1. Always, Always, (I can not stress this enough) ALWAYS! Have
    a back up of the Vanilla (Un-moded) Minecraft. 2. Deltete everything except
    for the save file because I'm pretty sure you don't want to loss your world
    3. Open up minecraft (online version) and let everything reinstall 4.
    Create a backup 5. You have to have an Archiving program, I recommand
    WinRAR (look it up) open it 6. Right click the .jar and click "open with"
    and WinRAR Hope this helped!

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READ This was a quick video on how to install modloader and audiomod Just do as i did in the video and it should work. Download links: Modloader and Audiomod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=80246 Spawnlist: does not exist anymore modloader and audiomod is all u need 1. Download Everything 2. Go to your minecraft.jar and open it with winrar or 7zip. To find your minecraft.jar go start - run type %appdata% in the run thing. next open the minecraft. - bin and open minecraft.jar 3. Open modloader and drag everything in the minecraf.jar 4. Open audiomod. Drag the tm.class and the ibxm folder in the minecraft.jar. then open paulscode -sound -codecs copy the file and paste it in the same location in the minecraf.jar 5. Open spawnlist and drag the file in the minecraft.jar 6. DELETA META-INF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.Launch minecraft and it should work. 8.You can now install any mod in minecraft Please leave a comment on stuff you need to know and I will make a video with the tutorial. rate comment and subscribe :P