Native American - Music - (Shoshone) -  

Native American - Music - (Shoshone)

Quelle: Youtube: zum Video.

Quelle: YouTube

Native American -  Music - (Shoshone)

Native American - Music - (Shoshone)

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  8. Jackie Williams: Shoshone- "Grass House People"..... Thanks for sharing that information
    regarding over
    800 hundred million Native Americans resided in North American...a taken
    Was your point a positive point? Or that of a negative nature or perhaps
    that of a educational nature? I ask this as A person of Native American
    decent who knows a great deal about the hurt that Native American's have
    suffered. Knowing that we had our land stolen from us. Knowing also that is
    something that happened in the past.
    Yes it angers me and to see how badly our land is disrespected as well.
    I also try to focus on the positive that I can do to try to leave the sad
    horrible past exactly there where it belongs in the past and be present in
    the present and try to work towards a better future as many of us do.
    As I often point out not all of us are on reservations and I hope are
    trying to focus on the positive That we are not all wiped out and that as
    long as we have hope as well as faith and try to teach others to respect
    our land that is the best thing. Positive thoughts not negativity.

    Happy Monday to all. Have the best possible day that you can.
    Peace and be well.
  9. Cielo Pachirisu: Is this actual Shoshone-made music or is it just Native American themed?
    Sounds a little modern-- that being said modern Shoshone can also make
  10. Rogue Flor: Wonderful music and video!
    Good night, beautiful community! :-)
  11. Sassy Green Garden Diva: AMEN, Chief Washakie! Room enough for all of us!
  12. Frank Black:
  13. bob laser: This music sings to my soul , can't say that about much music , generally
    speaking to the mainstream music on the radio . God bless us
  14. mary persempre:
  15. Jackie Williams: Much power to all people who find power, peace, relaxation as well as pride
    in this beautiful music as well as healing.
    peace and happiness to all.
  16. ekennye and linda: earth music ..this is music that restores my balance with our mother and
    everything living
  17. mohamed karim: the music is universel language ,
    i love this style and i wish one day meeting indian native of America why
    not my wife be one of them !
  18. mirna zaida condori coro: wonderfull
  19. Petra Ducksch: Native American - Music - (Shoshone):
  20. Carlos Pilco: allimi guaguas...
  21. Hernan Verdugo:
  22. sistematik1969: американцы практически уничтожили этот народ
  24. Fitoaltamirano altamirano: Y con esta magnifica melodía me despido...
    Saludos Amiga +cielo azul,Besitos para Cinthya...
    Native American - Music - (Shoshone) ... 
  25. Dario Verardo: Ho fatto questo video della tribù Shoshone quali sono stati ubicato nel
    territorio in California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah e Wyoming, sebbene la maggior
    parte di loro sembrava essere risolta nella zona del fiume Snake in Idaho,
    Shoshone significa Gli Valle Persone Il nome significa nell'entroterra, o
    nella valle.
    Nel 1905, quasi 100 anni dopo il loro primo contatto con l'uomo bianco, il
    Lemhi Shoshone hanno iniziato la loro "Trail of Tears", di essere
    allontanati con la forza dalle loro terre ancestrali alla Prenotazione Fort
    Hall indiano per il loro nuovo "nominato" casa. Il Shoshone erano pochi di
    numero, la loro popolazione totale è da qualche parte nella zona del 8000.
    Maggior parte dei miei altri video sono immagini, ma anche film attraverso
    i video.

    Helen 1434

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I made this video of the Shoshone tribe whom were located in the territory in California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming, although most of them seemed to be settled in the Snake river area in Idaho, Shoshone means The Valley People The name means inland, or in the valley. In 1905, nearly one hundred years after their first contact with the white man, the Lemhi Shoshone began their "Trail of Tears", being forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands to the Fort Hall Indian Reservation to their newly "appointed" home. The Shoshone were few in numbers, their total population being somewhere in the area of 8000. most of my other videos have pictures but also film through the videos.